Multiple courses and big plates, perfect for sharing.

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Sample Family Style Dining Menus 


Kristen and Ian's Menu 


Black Garlic Grilled Snake River Tomahawk Chops 

butter mushroom fricasse + pink peppercorn glace de veau 

Olympic Peninsula Steelhead & Dutch Harbor Halibut Braids 

shiso butter soak & sear + three herb verjus & vidalia pan sauce 



Oreganzola & Dolcelatte Man & Cheese 

Grilled Lemon Garlic Brussels Sprouts & Purple Curly Kale 

urfa biber bacon dust 

Caramelized Carrot & Shallot Skillets 

fennel + brown butter + smoked ricotta 

Sesame Butter Grilled Turkish Flatbread 



mini triple berry trifle + pecan sugar crust 

old-fashioned bread pudding   

Estella and Shannon's Menu 


Irish Pub Salad

bibb lettuce + peach balsamic beets + pickled Colorado green beans + cucumber + tear drop tomatoes

sourdough croutons + tarragon poppy vinaigrette



Smoked Chicken Pasty

rosemary+ brown butter onions + celery + English Peas + double Scottish cream bay gravy +

buttery cheddar crust

Guinness Braised Beef Tips

parsnips + turnips + carrots + bacon+ thyme + Guinness wild mushroom bordelaise

hooks cheddar chive biscuits


Curly Kale Colcannon

roasted garlic & kale mashers + European butter zest

Creamed Ginger Cabbage

roasted baby sweet potatoes + purple cabbage + caraway glaze

Summer Vegetable Torte

butternut squash + zucchini + cauliflower + spinach + roasted red pepper

smoked ricotta + sun dried tomato ricotta


Sweet Butter Milk Bread 

Karissa and Shockey's Menu 


Little Gem Salad

baby spinach + baby romaine + turtle lake sunflower sprouts +  James ranch sugar snaps+

rosemary & peach balsamic marinated  Chioggia beets + caramelized pumpkin seeds + basil poppy vinaigrette



Truffle White Pepper Seared  Snake River Beef Tenderloin

 wild mushroom confit + pink peppercorn demi glace

Garlic Glazed Fried Chicken Chops

black garlic & butter soya glaze

Colorado Mac & Cheese

James Ranch poblanos + smoked Olathe sweet corn

Lemon Basil Avocado Quinoa Salad

fava beans + sliced Easter radish + radish cress

Grilled Zucchini & Asparagus + Romanesco Summer Blast

whipped panang curry  & honey cream

Caramelized Skillets

caramelized butternut squash & Japanese eggplant & onion & fennel

brown butter + Colorado goat cheese


Toasted Sesame & Buttery Herbed Grilled Flatbread

Laura and Ben's Menu 


Saffron Shakshuka

Cipollini onion + yellow peppers + poblanos + spinach + cilantro + Swiss chard + poached egg


Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms

leeks + English peas + fava beans + smoked ricotta + gourmandise & red pepper glaze


Olathe Sweet Corn Polenta with Herbs & Fricassee of Wild Buttered Mushrooms

truffle + tarragon + thyme


Roasted Colorado Vegetable Gazettes

caramelized fennel + red onion + goat cheese



Freekahberry Tagine

caramelized eggplant + almonds + cranberries + dried blueberries + beets + pomegranate chili molasses