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Owner & Executive Chef

Idea girl, chef, pastry chef, designer and founder and CEO of The Yellow Carrot, Sari Suzanne Seedorf  is a visionary, a utopian, lover of people, food, languages, animals and a cheating raw vegan. She is a crazy cat lady known for her superhuman high energy, overoptimistic attitude & occasional foul

Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa her business talents started at a young age in Center Pointe, Iowa on her grandparent’s farm picking and selling her grandfathers coveted sweet corn and tomatoes out of the back of his pickup for many summers. 
Her food and business talents bloomed after her college in Mankato, Minnesota when moving to Charleston, South Carolina working and running her own section as a sought out server at Carolina’s Restaurant and exploring a town filled with remarkable food and wine.
It was this fine place that introduced her to new food philosophies, concepts and ideas and helped shape the person she is today.
As a self-taught chef with more than 20 years of restaurant, catering and design experience she has lived in Mexico and several states opening multiple restaurants, cafes and catering companies traveling the country to provide her chef and design services.
Sari is not limited to being a chef and entrepreneur; she was first chair for several years playing the clarinet, won various awards for acting and singing and fluently speaks and practices several languages she can even cut and style your hair.
Sari can be found entertaining and inspiring guests or enjoying yet another amazing project thinking up something extraordinary with her Yellow Carrot Crew and collogues. 
Sari’s mission and purpose she lives by is to live each day with generosity from the heart so that she may positively impact the lives of others & inspire others to live a life of love, joy, peace, prosperity, grace, value, purpose & miracles.
She uses her gift of cooking, influencing and inspiring as her tools to do so.

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Owner, Executive Chef

The Yellow Carrot was started in 2008 by Sari, Owner and Executive Chef. Sari is a self taught chef, pastry chef and designer. The Yellow Carrot has since grown and is still growing and providing the highest standards of culinary artistry that the world has ever seen.



Lead Cook &

Kitchen Manager

Carlos is always smiling! Whether he is baking, cooking on the line, prepping or working in our chip factory, Carlos is key in every aspect of our back of house operations. 

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Lead Baker &

Bakery Manager

Luis is our lead baker, duplicating Sari's recipes to a T! His passion for baking is amazing and he is our joyful and comical team member here.